Strategies and Implementation for Private Schools

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ISPG Undertakes 4 New School Start-Up Projects Totalling Over $100 Million Dollars in Investment in Education

More than 165 private schools from the east coast to the west coast and Hawaii have benefitted from ISPG's experience and guidance.  Your school can gain access to this pool of knowledge to:

  1. Recruit Students/Enrollment Management 
  2. Retain Existing Enrollment
  3. Advancement/Development
  4. Strategic Planning for the Future 
  5. Head Search/Leadership Review
  6. Board Development
  7. Change Your School's Culture 

We evaluate and analyze your school's operations and programs, then match strategies, solutions, processes and systems to the needs of college preparatory, elementary, middle and high, single gender, gifted and talented, faith-based, fine arts, special needs, Montessori, Waldorf, immersion, preschools, Sudbury Valley, vocational and trade, private schools of all sizes in small and large communities throughout the United States and beyond.

Our services meet the needs of all types of private schools regardless of size, budget or location. 

Marketing/Enrollment Management
ISPG's proprietary marketing and enrollment management strategies and systems have enabled over 60 private schools to recruit and retain significantly more students.  ISPG has programs to recruit grade specific, gender specific, international and local students at every level. We provide marketing expertise, training and implementation that consistently delivers results such as:

  • Doubled the enrollment in a college prep 6th to 12th grade school located 30 miles outside of the metro area.
  • 50 new students for a preschool to 12th grade faith-based school in a small Texas market after 5 years of declining enrollment.
  • 65 new students for a small Montessori toddler through 8th grade school in Cleveland
  • 25% enrollment increase over 3 months for a K-12th grade college preparatory school.
  • $300,000 increase in enrollment revenue for a mid sized all-boys 6th - 12th grade college preparatory school.
  • Significant increases in enrollment for schools with less than 100 students.
  • 50% increase over prior year for a K-8th grade college prep school including grade and gender specific targeting. $430,000 in incremental enrollment revenue. 
  • Doubled pre-k and K students in a New York City preschool. Waiting lists in all programs. $600,000 in additional enrollment revenue.
  • 54% increase in enrollment over prior year for a New York City Pre – 8th grade school. $500,000 in additional enrollment revenue.
  • $825,000 in additional enrollment revenue midyear for an all-girl day and boarding pre-12th grade college preparatory school.

Web Strategy
Having a successful web strategy for your website and social media needs will atttract new families and provide even greater communications between school, students and home. ISPG has launched numerous new redeveloped websites for schools which has consistently resulted in a 200% average increase in new visitor traffic per month. 

ISPG will restructure your Advancement Office, inserting best practice strategies and systems to significantly increase donor involvement and commitment.

  • We have led 15 capital campaigns raising millions for school buildings and property.
  • Our strategic advancement plan and training of school personnel has doubled the number of donors  for established legacy schools in one year.
  • Schools can have increases of 100% in the number of donations from our redevelopment of just their Annual Appeals.  

Strategic Planning
Having a Strategic Plan has enabled our client schools to achieve far greater results, deliver a better education to its students and greater value to its parents.  

Capital Campaigns
ISPG has developed Campaigns for 15 schools that have raised a cumulative total of over $50,000,000.

Board Development 
Over 50 school Boards have received training from ISPG to develop a more effective Governance Model that increases productivity, reduces conflict and makes the Board's time highly effective and efficient.

Start Your Own School
We understand the critical functions of starting a school and can provide you and your group with the strategies and tactics that can help to achieve your vision. We have been the lead consultants in 24 school formation projects.


"I would again like to emphasize the gratitude of all of the families involved in the purchase of the school. Without your help we would no longer have a school for our children." 
Randy L. - Board Chair - Montessori School

"I've made one of the best decision to have you as the consultant for my school. I am very aware that our marketing and admissions have not been working for us but we had no knowledge how to improve it. You have shown us how to fix it and implement it."
Diana D, Director - Phoenix AZ 

Training was great on Tuesday. Been trying it out and getting great response. I appreciate your work and understand its value. And if you need me as a reference for any school I will be happy to do so! You have given me the missing parts!!!
Nadin - Head of Montessori School


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