Capital Projects

Capital Projects 

School FacilityMany schools use up the intellectual and emotional currency of their Board, administration and parents planning capital projects that are based upon a future-focused funding strategy.  Very few of these projects are completed because at the outset, the schools did not have a realistic concept of how much money could actually be raised. This can, at best, delay a project and at worst, postpone it indefinitely because the credibility within the school community has been eroded. On the other hand, parents and Boards enthusiastically support a project that is pre-planned and funded. They can participate knowing the end result is achievable and that their time is productively spent  

Private School

ISPG Associates have developed and implemented capital procurement strategies that have raised over $50,000,000 for not-for-profit organizations and schools just like yours ranging in enrolment from 40 to 1000 students.

"I would again like to emphasize the gratitude of all of the families involved in the purchase of the school. Without your help we would no longer have a school for our children." 
Board Chair - Montessori School

  • K-12th faith-based School with enrolment of 535 - $9,000,000  
  • K-12th college preparatory school with enrolment of 760 - $3,000,000
  • Pre-school to 10th Montessori school with enrolment of 110 - $1,500,000
  • K-7th grade faith-based School with enrolment of 210 - $1,575,000
  • Pre-school to 8th grade Montessori with enrolment of 43 - $2,100,000
  • K-8th grade fine arts school with enrolment of 40 - $1,000,000
  • Pre-school to 10th college preparatory school, enrolment of 140 - $3,500,000

See How a Capital Campaign for Major Projects Managed by ISPG Can Raise Unencumbered Dollars for Your School's Building Project, Endowment Fund, Expansion and Growth.


Would you like to know the range of funding that may be available to your school?

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