The Group > Curt Dommeyer

  • private school consultantProfessor of Marketing, California State University at Northridge
  • Former Chair of the Department of Marketing, California, State University at Northridge
  • Former Marketing Researcher with the Pacific Telephone Co.
  • Former Consultant, Walt Disney Telecommunications
  • Author or co-author of articles for publications such as:
    • Journal of Education for Business
    • International Business & Economics Journal
    • International Journal of Market Research
    • Journal of Interactive Marketing
    • Health Marketing Quarterly
    • Industrial Marketing Management
    • Journal of the Market Research Society
    • The Journal of American College Health

Published materials include:

  • Increasing Mail Survey Response with an Envelope Teaser
  • Comparing Two Forms of an E-mail Survey: Embedded vs. Attached
  • Attitudes of Business Faculty towards Two Methods of Collecting Teaching Evaluations: Paper vs. Online
  • Gathering Faculty Teaching Evaluations with In-Class and Online Surveys: Their 
  • Effects on Response Rates and Evaluations
  • The Effects of a Photograph on Mail Survey Response
  • Does Response to an Offer of Mail Survey Results Interact with Questionnaire Interest?
  • Can Perfume Increase the Response Rate to a Face-to-Face Survey?
  • Increasing Response to Industrial Mail Surveys

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