The Group > David Brooks M.Ed

private school consultant

  • Hired numerous Heads of Schools
  • Leads ISPG's administrative review process
  • Assists in a new school formations
  • 29 years in administration in private/independent schools
  • Teacher and Senior Boarding Housemaster for 9 years at K-12 University Preparatory School
  • Head of School for 10 years at a K-12 University Preparatory IB School,
  • Director (Head of School) for 8 years at a 7th grade - 12th grade University Preparatory IB School
  • Member of inspection and evaluation teams for various governmental and jurisdictional agencies including the International Baccalaureate Organization assessing schools in North America, Switzerland, Croatia, Ghana and Kazakhstan
  • Head of School appointments for both a newly merged school and newly founded school

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