We have designed our proprietary process so that you will experience immediate results in the number and quality of inquiries in addition to improvements in various benchmarks related to admissions performance, including the registering of new students.

Once ISPG is engaged to help you to enhance your marketing and admissions functions, you can expect the following:

  1. A site visit within two weeks of receipt of the school's related information during which we will customize recommended strategies, evaluate internal resources, make adjustments, commence the implemention process and train personnel.
  2. Additional inquiries typically while we are still on site.
  3. Additional enrollment success once on-site training is complete.
  4. A follow-up process to ensure completion on action items for implementation.
  5. Implementation and management of your school's marketing department (if requested).
  6. More students.

Over the subsequent months, the school's marketing and admissions legacy systems will be fully integrated and begin producing longer term results that can fill your school and create grade level waiting lists.

The return on investment to your school will be 5 - 10 times in excess of the cost to upgrade your marketing and admissions functions. 

Call 1-800-884-0989 for a free consultation or to receive more information.


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