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Student Safety and Health Card

Student healthcare is the most important issue in private schools today with allergies, sensitivities and health incidents on the rise.

Student Health Safety Card

Admissions is All About Making the Sale

You are spending lots of the school's money on advertising and the calls and emails are coming in. Lots of interested families are looking at your school. They are also looking at other schools and you need the enrollment. How can you better make the sale, close more inquiries and increase your enrollment?

These are important questions.

Double Donations to Your Annual Appeal

Over the last eight months we have redeveloped two schools' Annual Appeals. Both schools have doubled the number of donations to their Appeals and the campaigns are not yet completed.

Are you achieving your targets for your Annual Appeal?

Could other schools and organizations be taking donated funds from your families because their Appeal is more, shall we say, "appealing"?

New School Websites Are Fully Integrated With Social Media. Is Yours?

ISPG has just recently completed the development of five schools' new social media integrated, CMS equipped websites.

Is your website delivering on what you need it to? Is it meeting the needs of the families who are social media savvy? Is it easy to edit with a user friendly interface for text, graphics, pictures, and videos?

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