New School Websites Are Fully Integrated With Social Media. Is Yours?

ISPG has just recently completed the development of five schools' new social media integrated, CMS equipped websites.

Is your website delivering on what you need it to? Is it meeting the needs of the families who are social media savvy? Is it easy to edit with a user friendly interface for text, graphics, pictures, and videos?

ISPG builds websites only for private schools. We have both the technical skills to design and construct a site, and the knowledge of what the browser is looking for. A highly effective website will have:

  1. A design that reflects the culture of your school.
  2. Easily navigable pages.
  3. The right content aligned with the purpose of the website.
  4. Social media integration.
  5. A level of sophistication that reflects your professionalism as educators.

When your website works, the results are a higher level of satisfaction from both existing families and new prospective families.

Your school's website is your public image and tells the visitor who you are and how you do things through its design, ease of use and availability of the right content. Particularly new families will equate the quality of your school with the quality of their experience on your website.

Visit our website page for more information on how you can make your website function at it highest.


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