Effective Marketing for Private Schools

Want More Students? We Know How & Where to Get Them.

We evaluate, analyze and elevate your marketing results.

Private school studentThere are many elements to the successful marketing of a private school. Thousands of parents and students have shared with us in confidential focus groups what draws them to a school and what keeps them at a school. In this equation, we have learned that there are dozens of touchpoints that influence student recruitment and retention. ISPG evaluates, analyzes and then elevates a school's marketing to meet the needs of the stakeholders, bringing your school more students who fit with your school's culture and who want to stay long term.

We build a marketing strategy specifically for each school that leverages the strengths and addresses the bottlenecks that are affecting enrollment. Thousands  of students and millions of dollars have flowed into dozens of schools that have effectively implemented our marketing strategy.

 For immediate assistance, email info@ispginc.com or call 1-800-884-0989 today to discuss your school's needs.

"Due to the success of ISPG’s work with us in our  in our Admissions and Marketing Departments, our enrollment is up 50%, and attrition down 30%. "
Head of School NYC

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