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StudentsISPG provides a wide range of services to independent, private, vocational,and career schools from the east coast to Hawaii. ISPG’s Associate Consultants have decades of cumulative experience building, sustaining and supporting over 100 independent and private schools of all types including secular, university preparatory, faith-based, Montessori, Waldorf, special needs, International Baccalaureate, preschools, vocational, trade, gender specific, and AP schools.

Our work with Heads of Schools, Boards and Board members, Executive Directors, Admissions Directors, Advancement Directors, Business Development Officers, other school personnel, and school families has had a lasting and significant impact on students, families and the community. The experience of both creating legacy school systems and applying our skills remedially to difficult short-term issues has demonstrated to us that some schools' circumstances are more immediate while others are looking to achieve longer term goals and objectives. Accordingly, to accommodate whatever your specific need may be, we offer the following additional services:

For more information or to discuss your school's needs email or call 1-800-884-0989.


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