Private School Advancement

We Deliver More Donors, More Donations, More $'s

Imagine an Advancement/Development process at your school that significantly increases revenues coming into your school from donors and financial supporters of the school.

ISPG provided more time and training than was stated in our consulting contract.  Reed was available by telephone every day.  Reed delivered more than was expected.

Ron H. - Director of Advancement 

Whether you are a well etablished school and have an Advancement person or are a smaller school looking to develop an Advancement strategy, we will significantly increase the amount of revenues raised through your existing fundraising or donor base. Large amounts of money are commonly left ungiven by donors and financial supporters as a result of an unfocused Advancement strategy, lack of training, and an absence of appropriate policies, protocols and systems that encourage donors to give. These are funds that every school can utilize to enhance the learning environment for their students. More donors giving more money is the outcome of our work. All you have to do is call to find out how. 

Here are a few examples of our project outcomes:

  • Doubled the number of donors in a 6th - 12th grade college preparatory school's Annual Appeal from any of the previous seven year's results
  • Increased net revenues by 46% through the restructuring of a 150 year old well-established school's major event fundraiser
  • Increased Annual Appeal giving by over 50% in a well established private school with 1000 students
  • Increased the number of donors by over 40% in a large college preparatory school's Annual Appeal
  • Increased the number of annual donors by 30% overall in an all-boys college preparatory school

No matter the size of your school, starting an Advancement Office now will deliver funds to your school not just in its first year, but create the capacity for the school's legacy to be guaranteed long into the future.

Private School VideoView Our Advancement Video 

I heartily recommend Reed Sumida to you as a person knowledgable and experienced in large (capital) undertakings involving financial institutions and the commitments involved there. Reed has remained an advisor to our school over the years. Retaining him has been the key to ensuring our purchase and operating venture remains viable."

Bonnie Williams, Principal, OMESS

ISPG will: 

  1. Evaluate your school's Advancement functions;
  2. Identify new goals and greater objectives for Advancement;
  3. Recommend a specific course of activities or actions that will fully integrate a culture of giving into your school;
  4. Introduce new fundraising strategies and practices
  5. Provide professional development training for Advancement personnel and others
  6. Align systems, policies and protocols with your school's culture;
  7. Oversee the implementation and execution of the strategy;
  8. Set financial expectations for first three years and provide a roadmap to achieve them.

Whether your Advancement funds are in support of annual operations or future capital projects, ISPG can develop and implement a program that meets with the size and scope of your vision. Keep reading and you will find out about how ISPG can leverage your Advancement Strategy to help you with your larger capital projects.

Email or call 1-800-884-0989 to discuss your school's needs or to obtain additional information.

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