Student Care Card

ISPG's StudentCare Card keeps your students safer.Student Healthcare Card

The health and safety of your students is the number one priority for all school boards, administrators, and owners. Students have more varied health issues in today's schools than ever before and parents are expecting more and more from schools in the management of their children's health.

How can you keep your students safer?

ISPG's StudentCare Card keeps all of your student's individual healthcare information on a secure USB equipped credit sized card that will plug into any USB equipped device giving immediate and accurate information about your student's health needs.

When is this information vital to the safety of a student?

  • In school emergency situations where a student's detailed information on allergies, medical conditions, history and sensitivities needs to be immediately accessed by staff or outside medical personnel
  • When a new or unfamiliar person is attending to a medical incident with a student and needs their history and instructions
  • During field trips
  • When accidents occur on the playground
  • In situations where medication is required to be administered
  • On a student exchange or missions trip
  • When the sports teams are playing or travelling
  • When the marching bands are in competition and away

Features of the StudentCare card: (View the Videos to Learn More)

  • Individually numbered for every student
  • Increased level of privacy
  • Can be customized with school colors and logo
  • Easy to transport on field trips
  • Hardy,durable
  • Easily recognizable USB utility for immediate responders 
    and emergency personnel
  • Multi-level data encryption

Advantages of the StudentCare card:

  • No complex database system to keep student medical records
  • No cloud based storage for student records - all information is on the card
  • No more searching through filing cabinets for individual records if a medical emergency arises
  • Easily understandable format for emergency personnel to access
  • Portable for any travel, field trips and school outings
  • Data securely backed up and accessible in case of a damaged or lost card

You can provide a higher level of student safety for your students that will give your parents that extra feeling of safety and security for their children. 

Find out how your school can elevate its student safety practices with the ISPG StudentCare Card.

To inquire about receiving your demo card, call us at 1-800-884-0989, fill out our online form below or email .

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