About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate, dedicated private school specialists who for decades have started, led, and been consultants to hundreds of private schools throughout the Unites States and beyond. We have developed best practices in key areas of private school operations including these key functions:
  • enrollment management,
  • strategic planning,
  • leadership development and recruitment,
  • school expansions,
  • curriculum development,
  • creating innovative financing solutions, raising millions of dollars for school capital projects.
We have been project managers on over 25 new school formations, taking founders on a step-by-step basis from vision to the reality of operating their schools and providing their communities with a legacy school.

Our Results in Enrollment Management

Over the last 25 years we have helped many schools to recruit, retain, and admit new families. Here are the metrics, before and after.

Our Mission

We are passionate about assisting private and independent schools to become more accessible, affordable and inclusive; a place where students are fully engaged in their learning, create strong relationships with their teachers and develop lasting friendships with their peers.

Our Team

The ISPG associates cumulatively have over 100 years of experience in consulting with schools. We are consultants in strategic systems and tactical applications specifically designed for private school sustainability.

Reed Sumida, rsumida@ispginc.com Reed Sumida has provided his operational and management expertise since 1991 to university preparatory, secular, vocational/career, Montessori, Waldorf, fine arts, gender-specific, gifted and talented, early childhood, Sudbury Valley, special needs, and varied faith-based independent schools with student enrollments of 35 to 1200 he has provided numerous and diversified services to over 160 Boards including being lead counsel for capital campaigns that have raised over $60,000,000 for various schools’ projects. Click here for more

David Brooks David Brooks has over 35 years of experience in the administration of private/independent schools in North America and Switzerland as well as in the public school system. He is also a member of inspection and evaluation teams for various governmental and jurisdictional agencies including the International Baccalaureate Organization assessing schools in North America, Switzerland, Croatia, Ghana, and Kazakhstan. Click here for more

Vanessa Donaher Vanessa Donaher has over 15 years of administrative and teaching experience in a faith-based independent school and college campuses across the United States. She has been Head of School of one of the largest faith-based schools in the US, Head of Upper School Grades 6 to 12, and Director of College Counseling. Vanessa enjoys sharing her expertise and experience in school management, legal matters, evaluation, development, admissions, and more. Click here for more

Eileen Councill With a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy, Dr. Eileen Councill brings 25 years of experience as an educator and administrator in both public and private schools in U.S. and international. She has been a Head of School for Grades Beginner to 8, Principal of Grades 9 to 12, and most recently a Deputy Head of School/Acting Head of School for Grades 9 to 12 in China Click here for more

Dawn Kloster Dawn is a highly skilled development and advancement professional, with twelve years of experience in creating a culture of giving in not-for-profit organizations. Her extensive work includes the cultivation and stewardship of individual and corporate donors, securing legacy and planned gifts and building relationships with foundations, companies, and people that connect these constituents with the heart of an organization.  Over the last few years, Dawn has worked with school presidents and heads of schools on all areas of advancement including major gift and capital campaigns that raised millions of dollars for private schools. Click here for more

Terrye Morgan Terrye Morgan is a seasoned educator, administrator, and leader of schools for over 25 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and Special Education and has applied that in the classroom and in leadership positions for specialized private schools. Her kindness and compassion for children and their learning needs guides her in every action she takes and has produced outstanding results in every environment she has had the privilege to be invited into. Click here for more

David Penaluna David has spent most of his career leading IB schools, with both boarding and day school facilities. With over 26 years as  Head of School and principal of both a junior and middle school, David has the full breadth of experience in private education at the highest levels. Click here for more

Avi Greene Avi Greene has over 20 years of administrative and teaching experience in faith-based, independent schools across the United States. He has lead school accreditation for multiple accrediting agencies and been part of founding new schools. Click here for more

Cal Johnson Cal Johnson has over twenty eight years of administrative and teaching, with 22 of those years in private/independent schools; 17 as the Head of School in 4 different schools including Montessori and faith-based schools. Click here for more

Jean Bigelow Jean Bigelow has 45 years experience as an educator and administrator in both public and private schools. She has been an administrator in a leading International Baccalaureate Continuum independent school for 28 years at all three levels. Click here for more