Frequently Asked Questions

For your quick reference, here you will find some of the more common questions that have been asked regarding ISPG’s services for independent and private schools.

Q: How does ISPG produce immediate results in marketing and admissions?
A: Our years of experience has given us the insight to understand how to very quickly provide results for a school who is in need of more students. During our site visit with you, we implement interim initial strategies that, while we are there, will enable you to immediately receive more inquiries and experience a higher closing ratio. Over the ensuing course of service to the school, these initiatives are refined and incorporated into a much broader multi-faceted strategy that produces long term, robust results and becomes your legacy marketing and admissions systems.

Q: Does ISPG make a site visit to schools or do we just receive a report?
A: For most services an ISPG Associate makes at least one site visit for between 2 and 4 days. For some services, we make numerous site visits as the scope of a project can extend over several months. Experience has shown us that a more hands-on approach significantly increases the results for a school.

Q: If my school has an urgent need, how quickly can ISPG respond?
A: We understand the serious nature of some challenges faced by schools. When an urgent need arises, we make every effort to evaluate the issue and provide timely advice or services.

Q: Can our school afford to retain consultants?
A: Many of our services produce immediate cost recovery revenues that significantly exceed the expense of having ISPG provide the skills, training and expertise to your school. For admissions, marketing, advancement and capital procurement services, there is typically multiples of 5, 10 or higher of incremental revenues versus the cost, produced by the strategies and systems that are implemented by schools who have contracted with ISPG. As many School Boards and administrators have told us, “We should have had you here years ago!”

Q: How can our school retain your services?
A: Once a call or email has been received, we typically engage via telephone for the initial consultation. There is no charge for this. If from that consultation it is agreed that services are required, we deliver a proposal that specifies the services, the timelines, the Associates involved in the project, the cost and the terms. If the terms and conditions in the proposal are agreed to, an Engagement Agreement is entered into between ISPG and your school and the schedule for the project is set.

Q: Will I know specifically which Associate from ISPG is leading my project?
A: Yes. Every project is assigned to one Associate as the primary service provider. He or she may have other Associates providing other services but there is one primary contact person for each project.

Q: How long have ISPG’s Associates been providing services to private and independent schools?
A: All ISPG Associates have at least 15 years of experience in their field of expertise. Most have been providing services to schools for 20 years plus.