Board Development

Private School Board Development

Board Organizational & Leadership Development

Having an effective governance model that fits for your organization can increase productivity, reduce incidences of conflict and bring the school community closer together. A tight-knit community fosters growth, prosperity and financial stability.

ISPG offers a variety of processes, methods, and tactics that can significantly enhance your governance experience and the experience of those who are on the Board and related committees.

Some of these are:

Consultation with Board Chairs on Effective Board Leadership and Organization Building
Board Chairs typically have some valuable skills that assist them in leading the organization. We can enhance that skill set and provide structure and situational options through experiential processes for a Chair that can expand their ability to lead the school.

We can bring an appropriate definition to what role the Chair plays in your governance model and provide individual leadership development techniques to cultivate that role.
Board Development
Starting from vision and values and working towards roles and responsibilities, goals and objectives, finding/electing/appointing board members, size of the Board, code of conduct, meeting protocol, committees, communication, and measuring results, ISPG Associates can provide assistance with some or all of these important functions.

Whether you are a well-established Board or a new Board, the cornerstone of a school’s success is usually directly related to the Board and its effectiveness.
Board Assessments, Retreats & Workshops
Is your Board functioning effectively? Are you attracting quality people to serve? How about your new members? How will they know what to do? Do you have an effective communications model? How does your Board resolve conflict?

These questions and the answers can be found in ISPG’s assessments, workshops, and retreats.

  • New Board member orientations – held in the fall of each year.
  • Board development workshops – held in the fall and spring of each year.
  • Retreats – held in the summer of each year.

Board-Head Relations
Who runs the school and who makes what decisions? Does the Head sit on the Board? When does the Head interact with the Board? Who is responsible for what functions?

The Board – Head of School relationship is an important piece of the governance model and ISPG Associates bring clarity to how it might best function in your individual circumstances.
Crisis Management
Is your Board in turmoil? Board members unsure of what their responsibilities are? Is your Board involved in operational activities? Are contentious issues polarizing your school community? Is parking lot chatter the official sport in the school?

ISPG associates can facilitate conflict resolution sessions for your Board and provide advice around how to structure Board activities so that conflict can be minimized in the future.

Email or call 1-800-884-0989 if you would like to discuss your Board’s need or for additional information.