Head Support

Private School Head Support

It’s lonely at the top of an organization whether you are the Chair of the Board or the Head of School. Who to talk to about the high-level decisions that need to be made, how to initiate or manage change and who will follow up are all issues facing an organization’s leadership.

Staff may not provide the quality and frankness required to make a good decision, colleagues are your competitors, other Board members are looking to you for the leadership, what is available as a resource to address this dilemma?

ISPG offers experienced executive coaching services with specific expertise within the independent school community. We have the questions that can sufficiently challenge you to move up to the next level and the support to mitigate your feelings of isolation.

Monthly or bi-monthly Sessions for Heads, Senior Administration

  • Call it a lifeline, a resource, or someone to hear your thoughts and ideas. These one hour sessions can re-focus you on the tasks at hand, provide solutions for the challenges you are facing or discover other issues of significance that need to be addressed.
  • In person or by telephone.

Specific Accountability Tools

  • Who makes sure that you complete on a timely basis?
  • Could you use some assistance to ensure you are meeting the expectation?
  • We can “hold your feet to the fire”.

Conflict Resolution Assistance

  • Conflict is present is some form in every organization.
  • Recognizing it and then addressing it before it creates discord can be challenging.
  • We can facilitate a process to resolve conflict as it occurs before it starts costing significant time and energy within your school.

Assists the Head in Making Better Decisions

  • Think you have the answer? We may have a few questions that cause you to reconsider your initial decision in favor of a more productive one.

Assists the Head in Managing/Starting Change

  • Change can be a difficult process. Step by step we are there to support you in a “carefrontational” manner.

Whether we provide support in person, on the telephone or via email, school leaders will have access to resources that enables them to manage change better, make better decisions, head off conflict and advance their organizations forward, faster.

Head’s Assessment

Give your Head of School the tools and professional training that they require to take your school to the next level of performance.

The necessity of an effective assessment of the Head arises from both the desire to improve individual and institutional effectiveness and the need for individual and institutional accountability. Only through a continual assessment of effectivHead Assessmenteness can professional growth occur. This applies as much to Heads as it does to the teaching staff; however, in the Head’s case this difficulty is compounded by his or her professional isolation. The Head, by definition, has no peer within the school with whom he or she can discuss performance without the complication of professional hierarchy intruding. Therefore, because the Head needs and deserves formal recognition of his or her strengths and a chance to develop and improve, and because it is essential to a school that the Head’s performance achieves full potential, a periodic formal assessment and subsequent evaluation are necessary.

ISPG takes a 360-degree view of the assessment process and provides a formalized structure for the Board and Head of school to plan new goals and objectives based upon the result of the assessment.

Email dbrooks@ipginc.com for more information about how we can help advance the development of your Head/Principal.