Head’s Contract Negotiations

Head’s Contract Help

Whether you have been offered a new contract from your existing employer, are attempting to renew your contract or weighing the merits of a new position, every Head of School is at a disadvantage if they do not know what is in the mind of the Board or management that they are negotiating with.

ISPG creates and designs contracts on behalf of private school Boards. We use the experience of knowing the other side of the equation to assist you as a Senior Administrator to negotiate a fair contract that recognizes your attributes. We will:

  • Provide tools for you to negotiate a fair compensation package
  • Offer strategies on how to obtain a new position or retain an existing one
  • Introduce other benefits that every Head should have in their contracts but few do
  • Ensure that you are protected from a change in leadership and philosophy at the Board/management level
  • Reduce your stress level of not knowing what the Board/management may do next
  • Provide language and approaches to utilize during face to face meetings and in email responses

Under what conditions might you need an advocate?

  • The Board/management has proposed a new contract and it is lacking in some of the things that you feel are fair to you.
  • Your proposed new contract does not contain benefits that the Board/management indicated would be in it.
  • The deadline for contract renewal is approaching and you sense that the Board/management is hesitating.
  • There have been some challenges at the school prior to when renewal discussions are scheduled to start.
  • You have been offered a new position and the new school has a consultant advising them.

Call 1-800-884-0989 to hear how we advocate for you, be on your side and maximize your position.