School Culture

Every school has a culture. Do you know what yours is? Are you intentionally creating and nurturing it?

School culture is the perception that parents, faculty, leadership and students “feel” about your school. It is the unspoken or spoken perceived reality of “who” a school is. Culture can either drive a school forward progressively or drain the school’s energy and positivity, creating challenges at almost every turn and at every level.

Culture drives:
  • School pride
  • Student recruitment and attrition
  • Student behavior
  • Student motivation
  • Teacher morale
  • How parents engage
  • How donors engage
  • Perception of the Board and school leadership

Culture may be the single most important aspect of a school’s life. If you are not intentionally creating it, it is left to create itself and is likely not reflective of who your school is at its heart.

If your school’s culture has suffered for whatever reason, ISPG can provide highly effective strategies that begin to alter school culture quickly and permanently. We will show you how to:

  • Shape your message to reflect your vision and mission
  • Create a communications strategy that reaches and impacts your audience
  • Create a collegial environment amongst faculty, staff, students, parents and administration
  • Release the angst that is created from a stagnant or flagging culture
  • Energize your school community and leverage that energy to shift the school’s culture permanently

Email us at or call 1-800-884-0989 to begin the dialogue around how to change your school’s culture.