Double Donations to Your Annual Appeal

05/09/2013 – Over the last eight months we have redeveloped two schools’ Annual Appeals. Both schools have doubled the number of donations to their Appeals and the campaigns are not yet completed.

Are you achieving your targets for your Annual Appeal?

Could other schools and organizations be taking donated funds from your families because their Appeal is more, shall we say, “appealing”?

How can your school achieve a better result and deliver much-needed money to endowment funds, financial aid, scholarships, and the purchase of new equipment?

ISPG’s proprietary process is structured, effective, and able to be administered with your existing staff. We can implement at any point throughout the year, pumping up your existing Appeal or launching a brand new exciting and engaging Annual Appeal.

Your new Annual Appeal will:

  • Bring new donors that have not given before
  • Increase the frequency of donors’ gifts
  • Increase the amount of donations received
  • Elevate the average gift amount form existing donors
  • Energize the school community when they see funds flowing in
  • Deliver much needed funds for programs, equipment and capital

Refresh your Annual Appeal today. Visit our Annual Appeal page on the website or call 800-884-0989 or email