Double The Number of Inquiries You Enroll

The Admissions Function – Making the Sale
Our proprietary admissions strategy and process results in immediate and long-term enrollment increases and significant additional revenues for schools. If you are not closing in Admissions with the type of success that you expect, wouldn’t you want to find out how to gain the tools to get there? Imagine if 75% or more of your inquiries turned into enrollment.

We will redevelop your admissions process from start to finish, train your personnel, and include several other key school functions that are critical to the admissions process.

  1. Review your existing systems and processes
  2. Identify and define with you the key elements of admissions
  3. Review several key interrelated areas of your school’s operations and recommend changes that will significantly increase the number of families who may want to enroll their children in the school
  4. Create an admissions pipeline
  5. Provide you with a highly developed admissions toolkit inclusive of several new programs developed specifically to widen your admissions funnel
  6. Deliver to you a manual for future admissions personnel to reference and be guided by
  7. Train everyone who may be involved in the admissions process
  8. The end result is a school with a fully equipped admissions office that recruits, tracks, invites and enrolls a far higher percentage of families than the other schools in your community who are competing to attract the same families
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