Enrollment Management

Dr. Recruitment Can Cure Your Enrollment Ailments

What would you spend on marketing to get 10 or 20 more additional new students and the $100,000 – $200,000 or more in additional revenue they bring? $5,000? $10,000?  Are you already spending that kind of money on marketing and not getting the result?
We produce transformational results for schools and we can do it for yours, guaranteed. Results like these:

Call us today and start your path to results such as:
  • 65 new students for a PreK-8th grade Montessori school
  • 75 new students for a PreK-10th grade Beltline school
  • 35 new students in the first 30 days for an all-boys 6th – 12th grade college preparatory school bringing with it over $300,000 in additional revenue for the school in its fiscal year.
  • 100 new students for a brand new K-4th grade midwest school during Covid 19
  • 54% increase in new students for a New York City PreK – 8th grade school. Increased annual revenues of $500,000. Attrition reduction from over 31% to less than 5% in the same year.
  • 7 new students for a specialist micro east coast middle school during Covid 19
  • 12 new students in the first two months for a prek-8th grade faith-based school
  • 9 new applications in the first two weeks for a small gifted and talented school.
  • $150,000 in new enrollment revenue for a K-12th grade school in a small community.
  • 50% increase in new students for a K-8th grade college prep school bringing over $430,000 in additional revenue with no marginal cost. Targeted marketing for girls resulted in 14 new girls in specific grades to balance out gender representation.
  • Doubled new preK and K students in a New York City preschool resulting in over $600,000 in increased annual revenues. Waiting lists in all programs.
  • 33 new students recruited midyear from October through February for an all-girl day and boarding preK-12th grade college preparatory school. Increased annual revenues of $825,000. Attrition reduction from 38% to less than 12% in the same year.
  • 97% full PreK-8th grade school in a region where enrollments are down and schools are closing.
  • 90% full preK-6th grade school in a region where the direct competitor’s enrollment was down 68%.

The Solution

We have developed Dr. Recruitment (Direct Response Recruitment), a private school specific marketing framework with strategies that results in a greater volume of inquiries, better quality inquiries, and more enrollment for private and independent schools. Applying the knowledge gained from working with over 200 private schools, we significantly increase the number of inquiries and student enrollment at your school. We deliver on this using some or all of the following practices:
  • Assessing existing marketing initiatives and expenditures
  • Identifying, gathering and synthesizing vital data from school stakeholder groups
  • Constructing delivery methods to articulate your school’s message clearly to all constituencies
  • Energizing the community to champion your school
  • Addressing your website’s effectiveness and optimization
  • Integrating a comprehensive Digital Media strategy
  • Performing an insider’s assessment of appropriate, cost-effective media buys
  • Creating content for media, printed or electronic
  • Providing specifically designed software tools to measure metrics and evaluate marketing effectiveness
  • Training all relevant personnel on systems and processes
Typically when the implementation of the enrollment management strategy is complete, annual marketing expenditures are reduced by 70% – 80% from prior years. The number of inquiries are up 50% – 100% and the quality of inquiry is aligned with the vision of your school resulting in much higher conversions to enrollment and significantly less consumption of admissions personnel’s time. Email info@ispginc.com or call 1-800-884-0989 today to discuss your school’s needs or to obtain additional information.