Student Retention

Most schools already understand that happy students and parents are the key drivers behind high retention – but even this is not enough for most schools to stop student attrition once it is occurring. You need tools to stop it now!
Hundreds of parents have revealed to us why they leave a school. In every school we ask and they answer, candidly, directly and with the hope that this information will make the school better in the future. This information and the ongoing experiences we get every week in schools has allowed us to develop a practical, manageable set of concrete objectives, activities, and TO-DO’s to halt the tide of student attrition. These powerful strategies are customized for your school. Our focus is on only those elements at your school that are causing high attrition. This enables faster, more efficient results and the results will be measurable in the number of students and the dollars that don’t leave your doors. The results are immediate and spread quickly into other key areas of your school such as recruitment and admissions.

Our Process:

  1. Evaluate the circumstances creating high attrition
  2. Engage immediately a strategy to retain your students BEFORE the family and student emotionally leaves your school
  3. Institutionalize a best-in-class retention strategy that will work for your school year after year
  4. Reduce attrition by 50% and more!

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