Website Strategy

Website & Social Media Development

ISPG develops websites and social media plans specifically and only for private schools.

A key function of student recruitment and retention is your school’s website. 100% of all new prospective families will evaluate your school based upon what they see when they get to your site. Literally thousands of parents have shared with us what they like about a school’s website and what turns them away, to another school. Is your website and social media strategy performing as well as you would like it to? Is it serving the needs of your school in this increasingly online world?

The Benefits to You:

  1. We have been tracking website performance for private schools for over fifteen years and understand what current and new families are wanting from a school’s website.
  2. Because of our experience, your cost of a new website is much less than a generic web developer who is billing you for their learning curve as they try to understand your needs and the needs of your current and future families. You save money.
  3. We have highly technical web developers who cost efficiently build websites to our specifications with easy to use, tried and true Content Management Systems. This reduces your future cost of making changes to your website as it eliminates having to use third parties.
  4. We have an experienced production house to create your new, fresh look and feel for your school’s website.
  5. We understand the key elements of website content and navigational effectiveness that are required to attract new inquiries and meet the needs of your existing parents.
  6. We fully integrate your website with all the major social media outlets to reduce duplication of efforts and increase your website’s reach.
  7. We have an optimization strategy that significantly increases new, pre-qualified web visitors to your website and converts them to inquiries.
  8. We can have your new site and fully integrated social media package up and running three weeks from the day you approve the look and feel of the new home page.
  9. ISPG will provide you with a website and social media plan that attracts new enrollment, reduces attrition, and significantly reduces your cost to have an effective internet presence.

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