Re-Opening Your School

How Can You Retain Your Existing Families and Reach Out to New Families?

Update June 2021 – Schools using our Dr. Recruitment enrollment management strategies are receiving numerous new inquiries.
For over 25 years ISPG as a private school specialist consulting company has accrued specific industry experience and knowledge. Our targeted approach to your existing and potential new families provides you with a significant advantage over general marketing/digital media companies who have the mechanical tactics but have no specific industry understanding of the private school sector. During this time of flux for families deciding where to send their children to school, ISPG is delivering vital services to schools across the country that is significantly increasing inquiries and enrollment of new families.

Since Covid 19, results from our work with our client schools have produced:

  • 30 new students in a brand new K-4th grade school on the west coast
  • 40 new students and waiting lists in an established Pre-school to 8th grade school in the midwest
  • 100 students and waiting lists in a brand new K-4th grade school in the midwest
  • Applications and inquiries that increased enrollment spaces for a specialized middle school on the east coast
  • 400% increases in web visits for schools on the coasts, Minnesota and Ohio
  • Maxed out enrollment for a Prek-8th grade school
  • 100% increase in time spent on every schools’ website pages
Here are some of the services that we are employing to produce these results:

Strategic Marketing and Positioning
  1. Recommended vital practices, activities, and mechanisms to engage with existing and new families
  2. Development of content, process, and strategy for enrollment of existing and new families providing your school with a head start over competitors
Digital Media
  1. Develop messaging based upon our unique and informed understanding of the industry and what the prospective private school families resonate with
  2. Develop ad concepts and content based upon our broad-based industry understanding
  3. Develop industry specific digital ads ready to launch when the time is right and not before
  4. Create the demographic profile for distribution
  5. Identify the geographic target areas
  6. Monitor the optimal launch date for the digital media campaign to maximize reach and exposure and minimize spending money when the market is not ready to “Buy”
  7. Implementation of a best practices Pay Per Click campaign
  8. Assessment strategies to understand the efficacy of all campaigns
  9. Adjustments to the campaigns, once launched
  10. Training for personnel to carry out future adjustments to Pay Per Click and digital media placements
Website development
  1. Redevelop the existing or build a new website to maximize new family inquiries and presentation of the school’s messaging, offering, and value proposition
  2. Navigational ease attracts and keep viewers on the website longer with engagement opportunities for applications, inquiries, and outreach by the school based upon metrics we have from other schools and their website traffic patterns
  3. Best practices tools to integrate digital media campaign and optimize the admissions process
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